Quality First


Become the number one in every market we serve and revolutionize this company to have the strength of a big company combined with the quality products, updated technology and achieve phenomenal business growth. For some companies, vision statements are reserved for annual reports, but Meenakshi Associates has infused its culture with the aspirational principles that guide our business operations. Our vision statement and values were drafted by our Managing Director Mr. Ish Narang, and promulgated by senior management by clear and concise strategic implementation for each business unit and by an ongoing Quest for Excellence within all operational and staff functions.


With its advanced manufacturing unit spread at an area of 14000 sq. meters. We run its production processes in the most efficient manner with its shop covers an area of 51,000 sq. fts.We have available 3 different Bays dedicated to Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel individually. The Floor height below the crane hook is upto 7 mts. respectively.

Some of the most advanced and hi-tech machines are used in our manufacturing process to facilitate a smooth flow of production. Some of the plants and machines that are employed in the production process are as follows:

· 1. Bending Equipments
· 2. Welding Rectifiers/Generators
· 3. Submerged Arc Welding  Machines
· 4. Pulsed TIG Welding Machines
· 5. Plasma Cutting Machines
· 6. Hydraulic Presses
· 7. CNC Drilling Machines
· 8. Tube Expanding Reversible Drives
· 9. Welding Column & Boom Track Mounted
·10. E.O.T. Overhead Cranes
·11. Air Compressors.

We have a devoted and competent staff of over 200 personnel, with an adequate backing of specialized professionals from different fields. High ratio of engineers to the rest of the technical staff ensures that our activities run smoothly and well at all times.

The monthly production of our processes is about 400-450 metric tonnes, with a manufacturing capacity of more than 300 liquified gas cylinders, pressure vessel and our other line of products.

Inspection Facilities:

We have in house inspection facilities for carrying out inspection and testing to ensure that all the equipments have been properly designed, constructed, inspected and pressure tested. Some of the facilities available are as follows:

· Bogie Type Heat Treatment ( Stress Relieving, Normalizing, Anne lining ) Facilities
· Plate Heating Furnace
· Escorts – Andre Industrial X-ray Unit
· Gama Ray's Radioactivity Camera
· Universal Testing Machine
· Dead Weight Tester
· X – Ray Film Viewer
· Ultrasonic Digital Thk. Measuring Gauge
· Dynamic Hardness Tester
· Digital Coat Meater
· Surface Comparator
· Digital Internal Bore Calliper
· Vernier Calliper ( UP To 1.5 mts.)
· Muffer Furnace
· Bridge Cam etc.


Design Facilities:


The Design department at Meenakshi Associates is comprised of Engineers & designers experienced in all areas and phases of Pressure vessel design.


Design Analysis and Detailed Engineering of Fabricated process Equipment as per International and Indian Codes of Practice and standards.

We carry designing of the equipments as per ASME Sec. VIII Div-1 & Div-2 and IS-2825.we also carry out designing based on certain in house developed software which are being regularly used by our engineers and reviewed by Third Party Agencies and Engineering Consultants.

We also carry out process Design of Heat Exchangers using XIST of HTRI.

Familiar with Regulations like Chief Controller of Explosives and Explosive rules.

Design based on ANSYS using CAE tools such as Finite Element Method.

Personnel having experience in Design and manufacture of equipment in Nickel, Alloy, Cladded, Admerlity Brass, Duplex Stainless Steels and other high performance materials

FEA of Catalytic Converters is being carried out regularly


Software Expertise:


PV Elite