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Become the number one in every market we serve and revolutionize this company to have the strength of a big company combined with the quality products, updated technology and achieve phenomenal business growth. For some companies, vision statements are reserved for annual reports, but Meenakshi Associates has infused its culture with the aspirational principles that guide our business operations. Our vision statement and values were drafted by our Managing Director Mr. Ish Narang, and promulgated by senior management by clear and concise strategic implementation for each business unit and by an ongoing Quest for Excellence within all operational and staff functions.

    We manufacture columns for distillation purposes which are necessary equipments for industries in which distillation is necessarily carried out. These are highly efficient distillation columns that are designed to achieve highly effective distillation process for a variety of products. They can be offered for various batch type/continuous applications to operate under multi pressure, atmospheric or vacuum conditions.

    Meenakshi Associates well known for its permanence, excellence and precision, our industrial distillation columns are used in small-scale laboratory distillations as well as for large-scale industrial distillations. Industrial distillation is typically performed in large, vertical cylindrical columns known as distillation towers or distillation columns .

Material of Construction:
Equipment Material Of Construction Thickness x OD
Pressure Vessels CS (516 GR 60/70) 18x6300
Columns CS (516 GR 60/70) 45x2700
Towers SS 304L 28x3400
Reactors SS 316L 25x4500
  HIC+NACE 32x3000
  HIC+NACE+316LCLAD (22+3)x2200
  LTCS(-45 DEG IMPACT TEST) 25x2200
  (CS+NICKEL CLAD) +SS 12x3800